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Everything You Need To Succeed Is Included In Full Club Access



  • Rebills Every 12 Months Unless Cancelled


  • Rebills Every 3 Months Unless Cancelled

From complete beginners, to seasoned SEO professionals, this training has something very unique to offer to you.


Just wanted to let you know I got my first official rank and rent site rented out today!   $1000 a month for 3 months, then we re-evaluate after that.

Thank you for all your help, your wonderful courses that explain things to newbies like me, the awesome tools, and your support.

I'm thrilled to have a site officially rented out!


Rank and Rent Club is a total career changer for anyone.  But then you add the priceless training, coaching and guidance of Herc guiding you every step of the way PLUS THE INSANELY POWERFUL SOFTWARE that’s included...Like I said, I can’t thank R&R Club enough for all it’s been able to do for me and countless others. If you really are considering doing this full time, there is no better option out there on the market for this.

Joining this community and course is a no brainer!


I literally had zero knowledge about SEO or anything Google related when I signed up for Rank & Rent.

I very quickly had 5 websites up , and I just closed a deal with an office, who has 9 other offices in the state that I'm in and they said "ya go set it up for those offices too, you can have these 10 offices starting out."

So for my first rank and rent deal I feel like that's a pretty good one!

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